Since winning the third division title in 2002 North Otago has punched well above its weight making the 2nd Division semi finals in 2003,04, and 2005 but losing all three. In 2006 they entered the Heartland Championship but again losing in the semi-final. But 2007 was a new year and north otago were focused on making the final. North Otago's first game was against buller in Oamaru. Buller managed to get 20 pionts in but North Otago more than doubled their score taking it away 51-20. A trip to Gisbourne and another win north otago beating Poverty Bay 31-11. North Otago went back home for a Hanan Shield defence against South Cantbury, and continued in their winning streak beating SC 26-7. Another home game another win North Otago beating East Coast 38-5. It was then off to play Wanganui. The Wanganui crowd cheered their team on but their cheering could not prevent North Otago's 39-16 win. King Country came down to play but they never got in the game and North Otago cruised out to a 52-5 lead. Wairarapa Bush tried hard and only just bet North Otago 15-7. One more pool match for North Otago to play and another home game. The crowd came to watch North Otago win but the win never came, Mid-Canterbury took the game and earnt the 25-22 win.

But the season was not over. North Otago had secured a home semi-final and it was against Wairarapa Bush. Last time the teams faced it was Wairarapa who won, but this time (with the help of loyal locals) North Otago showed the public who was stronger and won the match 30-13. So it was into the finals for North Otago. The conditions were perfect and the local Oamaru people had come out in force to wish their team well. North Otago played hard but so did Wanganui. And the game looked like it may have gone Wanganuis way. But North Otago stayed strong and then turned up the heat winning the Heartland Championship Meads Cup Final 25-8.


19-08-06 North Otago Vs West Coast 69-13

26-08-06 Mid Canterbury Vs North Otago 16-28

02-09-06 North Otago Vs Buller 37-24

09-09-06 Wairarapa-Bush Vs North Otago 19-18

16-09-96 North Otago Vs East Coast 20-12

23-09-06 North Otago Vs South Canterbury 36-6

30-09-06 North Otago Vs Wanganui 37-49

07-10-06 Horowhenua-Kapiti Vs North Otago 23-59

14-10-06 Wairarapa-Bush Vs North Otago 25-19